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Prior to Halley’s comet in 1986, amateur astronomy was virtually at its infancy in Singapore and the surrounding South East Asian region. There were few amateur astronomers then and good astronomical instruments and accessories were not available and difficult to acquire. Astro Scientific Centre was formed in 1987 after the last apparition of the famous Halley’s Comet to address these issues.

We aim to popularise astronomy and make astronomical instrumentation readily available to the public. Astro Scientific Centre took a bold step and was the first of its kind in South East Asia to carry an ambitiously wide range of well known astronomical instruments from telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, accessories, globes and scientific instruments to astronomical posters and publications such as the popular Sky and Telescope since the 80s. We stocked virtually everything an amateur astronomer might need and have been serving the local astronomical and scientific community, industry and institutions in South East Asia now for nearly 2 decades.


By 1992, The Astronomical Society of Singapore (TASOS) was formed to further promote astronomy and foster astronomical interaction with the International community. As a founding member and the President of TASOS, Astro Scientific Centre have been instrumental in providing essential logistical support to TASOS activities over the years.

Today, Astro Scientific Centre Pte Ltd serves amateurs, professionals and research astronomers and scientists alike with our extensive lines of quality astronomical and scientific products backed by our comprehensive customer service and first class technical support. We are authorised distributors, many exclusive, in Singapore and South East Asia for well known names. Among them and stock we carry includes Celestron, Questar, Takahashi, Pentax, Showa, Carl Zeiss, Fujinon, Vixen, TeleVue, SBIG, Thousand Oaks, Daystar, Sony, Nisshin Domes, Astro Cards, Cambridge University, Willmann-Bell, Sky Publication, Kalmbach Publishing, Kowa and B.E. Meyers etc.


Astro Scientific Centre Pte Ltd have also installed and commissioned many turn key observatories over the years; these include a 5m Dome and Observatory instrumentation for Planetarium Negara (then known as The Prime Minister’s Planetarium) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ; a 3m Dome and fully computerised twin 10” telescopes for Nanyang Polytechnic and a 2.4m Nisshin Observatory with Celestron 14 and motorized Takahashi NJP for Anglo Chinese School (Independent) in Singapore.

Astro Scientific Centre Pte Ltd will also install and commission a newly designed 3m Dome and Observation room and full computerized instrumentation for the Singapore Science Centre by December of 2003 ; this new computerized facility will compliment the Centre’s existing 5.5m Dome by the same manufacturer with its 16 inch Cassegrain observatory installed in 1989.

In addition, Astro Scientific Centre Pte Ltd also provides consultancy and customized imaging solutions – we have engineered, designed, supplied and commissioned electronics, software, optical, mechanical and covert electro-opto mechanical systems - some costing millions of dollars. Our extensive customer base over the years in the region covers individuals, resellers, educators, schools, tertiary institutions and universities, scientific institutions, industry, as well as government agencies from many Ministries such as Defence, Law Enforcement, Education, Home Affairs, Anti-Narcotics, Civil Defence and Coast Guards etc. etc.

At Astro Scientific Centre Pte Ltd, we are committed to serving all our customers. Please feel free to call, e-mail, fax or visit us at our showroom if you have any specific inquiries !

Thank You.


Albert Lim, Founder and Owner
Astro Scientific Centre Pte Ltd, 2003.

About the Owner :


He is the President of The Astronomical Society of Singapore (TASOS) since its formation in 1992. He holds a Masters Degree in Astronomy (Distinction) from The University of Western Sydney, Australia although he originally graduated in the field of Chemistry. He is the contact person in Singapore to IAU Commission 46 on Astronomy Education, is a Fellow of Royal Astronomical Society (FRAS), United Kingdom and a Member of Institute of Physics (IOP), National University of Singapore. In 2002, Cambridge University published his book titled “Photographic Atlas of the Moon” which is also translated into Spanish in 2003. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Astronomy from a University in Northern Australia.