The following are some testimonials from our customers.



Dear Astro


The best part of shopping in Astro Scientific is the willingness of the sale staffs to share their field experience with you. Their deep expertise in astronomy, professionalism and friendly service will never disappoint you. For those who want to start your astronomy hobby, I strongly recommend to shop in Astro Scientific rather than purchasing via other internet sources.




Republic of Singapore Navy



Determined of purchasing a highly sophisticated astronomical setup not available in the country where I am currently living I did my research and approached several dealers in various countries. The response I received from Astro Scientific was refreshingly different and simply unique in its own way.


Albert Lim is a passionate and a dedicated customer-oriented specialist who with his professional yet informal and friendly approach took me by the hand through my 101 questions and my complicated order from A-Z. In the process Albert patiently shared his deep knowledge of astrophotography and other astronomical techniques.


Astro Scientific takes customer service to a different level. Albert Lim will be your dealer, your professional adviser, astronomy tutor and friend all along.


Giovanni Serritella

Head of European Union mission to Aceh



Dear Albert,


It brings me great pleasure to write to you thanking you for the excellent service I received when I came to your store at the Singapore Science Centre. The professional service I received from your staff from the time from I entered the shop, to browsing of your wide array of telescopes, to learning what a beginner should begin this hobby with is just beyond words. They were very patient with my questions and answered them in the way where even a beginner like me could understand.


All this made me realize that I was in good hands and I decided there and then to get a mid level telescope, the NexStar 6SE. I must say that I was told by friends to order a telescope online but I realize that although it might be a slightly cheaper option, it is not advisable at all. The knowledge that your staff and yourself have shared with me is beyond any book one could read and it has made this new found passion of mine all the more enjoyable.


I am definitely looking to upgrade to a much bigger telescope in future once I have a better understanding of the universe and there is only ONE place I would go and that is, Astro Scientific Centre Pte Ltd where I can be assured excellent service.


Thank you Albert, Jeffrey and Karen for making this new hobby of mine such an enjoyable and gratifying experience.


With kind regards,

Kevin P. Shanmugam (Singapore)



Hi Albert and team,


Thanks for the wonderful service and advice given to me when I wanted to get a telescope and accessories suitable for my needs. My discussions with you on astronomy was thoroughly enjoyable and your advice has been invaluable for me to make the right choices so that I can enjoy my hobby of amateur astronomy fully.


Thanks once again for your help and all the best!



Account Director

MicroStrategy Singapore.

I have dealt with Astro for years now and the level of service commitment and technical support I have received over the years is outstanding to say the least. I know of other smaller companies that exist and while I may save a little on a few items if I purchased from them, I chose not to. The reason is I treasure dearly our good relationship over the years – besides, that little bit of savings count for nothing compared to the great professional service and support provided by Astro.
The good advise you have given me alone over these years would have already saved me so much more in terms of thousands in cost, time and frustration.

Ang PS (VP - The Astronomical Society of Singapore)


I’d like to put in writing my sincere and deep appreciation of your efforts over the past few days to answer, provide solid advise and support for my many questions pertaining to astrophotographic equipment. Your customer service stands among the best I have ever experienced – a sincere thank you. I consider myself a rather experienced amateur but the depth of astronomical knowledge and expertise you and your staff have displayed never cease to amaze me. At least I thought I knew but now I feel in fact how little I really know. I can see you are all dedicated professionals and I would not hesitate to recommend anyone interested in astronomy to talk to you for honest, unbiased and truly professional advice.

S. Hilton (Australia)


“The service was impeccable. Both Mr. Jeffrey Lim + Carole were most helpful.

They are also knowledgeable in astronomy. Keep up the good work. Wish you future success.”



Dr. Zaw Win, Retired Prof. of Surgery, MBBS, FRCSCE, I.M. Yangon Myanmar.


I have been a regular customer of Astro Scientific Centre. The store stocks up a great variety of telescopes and accessories, for the beginner to the more advanced amateur astronomers. I have purchased various types of astronomical telescopes (refractors, Schmidt-Cassegrains and Newtonians ranging in aperture from 3 inches to 9.25 inches), binoculars and astronomical accessories and I have to say that I am very satisfied with the quality of the products. I am also very happy with the after sales service. Any complaint is immediately attended to by the counter staff and even personally by the owner Albert Lim himself who is very helpful.

Alfred Cheang (Lecturer at a Polytechnic in Singapore)


Thank you for your prompt reply Albert.....I can't say enough what that means to me!!


I am going to try and collimate the optics tonight, as you can appreciate that type of fall has knocked it out of alignment. So I will run some tests tonight to see if the scope is still useable because I simply do not know whether there is internal damage. If it doesn't work to my satisfaction I will have no choice but to pack it up and send it for repair.


I will send you some photos once I have put it back on the mount but as I said I am concerned more about internal damage. Thanks again for your support I will let you know how I go tonight..


Best wishes,

Tony - Australia (communications after Tony dropped his C14 Edge HD OTA).



It is always wise to be a little cautious when dealing with an unknown vendor. From the first go I become more and more confident that I was getting the professional advise I needed and not just being marketed to make a sale. My thanks for this and from your point of view means I will be back for more purchases and also recommend you when I can.



Chris Lagrange (Engineer Vietnam).



“Very helpful with suggestions. True astronomy enthusiasts.”


Signed, Suresh (India)



"As an amateur who view astronomical hardware as expensive investments, I feel better if I see the goods before buying. Astro Scientific Center allows that by keeping on hand an extensive, well-stocked inventory. Moreover, the staff are astronomers first and sales people second. They always share with me their own knowledge and experience in telescope-handling and observing whenever I have the pleasure of dropping by."


Raymond Quek (Raymond is pursuing his PhD in Singapore)



“The service support provided by Astro Scientific is efficient. After sales, whenever I have problems with the equipment, the service support is prompt and solid. The company has been around for a very long time (since 1986) and it has been able to cater to my needs in sustaining my hobby in astronomy.”


T.H.T (T.H.T. is an local College Educator)



I bought a C8-SGT at Astro Scientific Centre Pte Ltd. All I can say is that I bought it at a fantastic price - $100 less than the sale price then to be exact. Astro Scientific Centre had these and hundreds of other great telescopes in stock. I took it home, read the manual and was able to assemble it all up the same day. This telescope is MUCH better than my other scopes. With a low power eyepeice, I saw a butterfly so clearly out of my window. But then, I realised the scope was pointed at a building three blocks away !

I later had a problem because of the low Singapore latitude so I brought the mount back to Astro Scientific Centre. The staff patiently explained how to adjust the latitude and position the legs so they don't hit the counter weights. The staff were all friendly and true experts in many fields in astronomy and CCDs etc.

After making adjustments as advised, and after a simple 2 star alignment, I was able to easily navigate to any planet or deep space object within viewing range with a push of a button. The tripod kept the telescope rock stable at all times. I will NEVER buy a telescope or binoculars from another camera shop. No matter how attractive, how inexpensive, or how convenient. Staff at Astro Scientific are very knowledgeable and their service level is simply tops. All their products are covered by full factory warranty as they are authorized distributors for everything they carry. I will definitely buy from Astro Scientific Centre Pte Ltd again – I recommend everyone to do so, it’s truly a great and gratifying experience to deal with them.


Erric Newman – USA



“Thank you for your most professional service and prompt attention.

This is my 1st experience in purchasing the Kowa Genesis Binoculars from your company and I am confident that you will find many more satisfied customers coming back to you for their requirements.”


Most Sincerely,

Laurence Eu (Retired Engineer – Singapore)



I bought a fairly expensive equipment from them a year ago to commence my interest in astronomy. I can vividly recall the process of it till today. The staff of Astro are truly professional in their approach and they share their passion and knowledge freely and generously with me, giving their sincere advice. I greatly appreciate their professional approach to customer service and that gave me the confidence to purchase the equipment from them as oppose to buying them at a cheaper price over the internet. I continue to keep in touch with the staff and especially Albert, who always impress me with his knowledge and passion.”



Mr. Tan WR (Bishan, Singapore).



“The customer service is top notch. I come into the shop today and was promptly served by a staff member. She demonstrated the product patiently and answered all my questions. When I asked for a higher spec. product, she promptly took another model to show me. I was very satisfied with the service and bought the product from them. I would strongly recommend Astro Scientific.”



Clement Goh (Educator - Singapore)



Dear Astro,

I was a complete amateur and when I went to your shop to buy a telescope I was truly impressed. Your staff has been so patient in talking to me and answering all my umpteen beginner’s questions and providing so much wonderful advice. Your honest advise and the great care your staff took to explain the differences between all the different type, make and size of telescopes so clearly took me by complete surprise. I did end up buying the exact telescope I needed. Thank you so much !

Mohd Hanif (Toa Payoh, Singapore)


I thought I was smart buying a Celestron directly from USA. It came without any warranty as Celestron US units are not authorized for shipment outside of the USA. All support from Celestron factory was null and void. It was a big mistake as the unit failed within the first week upon receipt. I could not get the telescope repaired without having to sent the unit back to the USA. That of course meant instead of a small saving it resulted in a great loss and created a lot of anxiety. Worst still, the unit has no support for

life. Since, I found it makes much better sense to make Celestron purchases through Astro Scientific Centre, the staff is helpful and knowledgeable and their products are fully supported with warranty and their after sales are second to none. It turns out to be more economical and I have peace of mind.


Clarence (Pasir Ris)






In the middle of 1992, I was working as a project manager in the installation of electronics and observatory equipment in Kuala Lumpur. It was in this project that I came to meet with Mr Albert Lim of Astro Scientific. This is the first time I was to meet up with the Directors and installation team of Astro Scientific of Singapore. They had arrived to start installations of the astronomical telescope. But installations could not begin as the footing for the dome roof was not in accordance to the specifications. The Directors and their fellow installers for the installation went about, with hand tools, correcting the irregularities. The following couple of week showed me that the interest that this group of astronomical equipment supplier were not just to supply and install. They were a group of enthusiasts in the science. The installations were completed in good time with their own blood, sweat and tears with their commitment to the interest in astronomical studies and the equipment involved. Congratulations in your improved undertakings in the course of upgrading your business into the new technologies. With your personal interest and love in the astronomical sciences, I am sure you are only going to succeed in leaps and bounds. The numerous brands that is represented by the company for more than 2.5 decades is proof that this is a trustworthy and reliable company.


Lim Soo Jin

Project Manager

Prime Minister’s Planetarium KL

+60 17 331 8380