Our range of scientific and industrial products includes microscopes, stereo scopes and industrial long range microscopes by Questar. We also have a range of SBIG and FLI industrial CCD cameras and accessories.


Microscopes FLI Finger Lakes Instrumentation SBIG Astronomical Instruments CCD Cameras
We have a vast range of microscopes including the latest digital models.

Microscopes by Celestron Planewave Instruments Planewavr Apogee CCD Cameras Camera Adapters (CA35)

Camera Angle Adjusters (CAA) CCD Cameras by Celestron DIGITAL MICROSCOPES Farpoint Accessory Cases and Telescope Protection

FLI Adapters FLI Color Filter Wheels FLI High Speed Filter Wheels FLI MicroLine CCD Cameras

FLI ProLine CCD Cameras Pier-Stands Planewave Accessories Planewave Mounts

Planewave Telescopes Pulsar Sections Questar Microscopes Questar Telescopes
Pulsar Sections

SBIG Accessories SBIG Adaptive Optics SBIG Baader Planetarium filters SBIG Custom Scientific LRGB Color Imaging Filters
The AO-8T and AO-X are third and fourth generation adaptive optics systems from SBIG specifically designed to enable an Baader Planetarium added LRGB filters to their inventory of high quality imaging accessories some years ago and they hav LRGB Color Imaging Filters

SBIG Filter Wheels SBIG Specialty Cameras SBIG Spectrographs SBIG ST Series Cameras
These are various SBIG Filter Wheels These are various SBIG specialty cameras including all sky, auto guiders SBIGs new ST-i spectrograph was designed specifically for our ST-i camera. Models ST-402ME, ST-1603ME, ST-3200ME. Compact, lightweight, with exceptionally high quantum efficiency.

SBIG STF Series Cameras SBIG STL Series Camera SBIG STT Series Cameras SBIG STX Series Dual Sensor Self-Guiding Cameras
Models STF-8300M, STF-8300C, STF-8050M. STF-8050C and STF-8050SC. Similar in size to the ST series, but with larger CCD No compromises. The new mid-sized STT Series cameras offer features and specifications found in no other astro camera - The STX Series represents the ultimate in astronomical imaging systems. The integrated design allows the user to select

SBIG STXL Series Cameras STEREO MICROSCOPES Optical Service
The new STXL cameras are the latest versions of the flagship STX series.