Weather Stations

Celestron offers a line of digital weather stations for your home or other location. All come complete with a wireless outdoor sensor that transmits data to the receiver where the information is displayed on the LCD screen. The receiver can be placed in any room – kitchen, family room, bedroom, dining room, office, den, or other convenient location. Temperature and other information from indoors or outdoors is easily seen along with various other weather related data. Each weather station has its own unique features, but all offer state-of-the-art technology.

4 Color LCD Weather Station (item #47011)

Compact Barometric Weather Station (item #47003)

Compact Weather Station (item #47001)

Deluxe Compact Weather Station (item #47005)

Deluxe Weather Station (item #47009)

HomeCast Deluxe Weather Station ( ITEM # 47022 DISCONTINUED)
Temperature - displays indoor and outdoor in either F or C. Humidity - displays indoor with built-in hygrometer. Weather Forecast - indicat...

Large Format LCD Weather Station (item #47007)