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TSN-AR27 Zoom Extension Ring
Extends the length of the TSN-DA1 inner tube.
*Necessary for TSE-Z7 and TE-9Z zoom eyepieces.

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TSN-AR42T SLR Camera Adaptor Ring
This system can be used with Film SLR Cameras and digital SLR cameras with an APS-C or Full-Size sensor.

The use of the zoom eyep...

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TSN-BP Balance Plate
The TSN-BP is a balance plate for adjusting the balance of a digiscoping system on a tripod.
(By moving the scope forward you can adjust...

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TSN-CR3 Conversion Ring
TSN-CR3 is necessary to attach the TSN-PZ/PA2D to TSN-660/600 Series.

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TSN-DA1 Digital Camera Adaptor
The Kowa digital camera adapter is secured in place with a single screw, allowing for quick and easy switching between viewing and photograp...

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TSN-DA3-40 Universal Shoe
This is used to increase the height of the spotting scope when using a video camera with a high lens position.Height:40mm

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TSN-EXR Extension Ring
Extends the length of the TSN-DA1/DA10 outer tube. When using eyepieces TE-14WD/17HD/6Z, the TSN-EXR is necessary. It is not necessary for t...

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