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Visual Adapter

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Visual Adapter, 3.5″ to 2″ (for CDK20/24): This adapter slides into the optional 3.5″ Hedrick Focuser. The adapter steps the 3.5″ opening down to 2″ for standard 2″ accessories. The adapter also adds some additional spacing to optimize the use of a 2″ diagonal so focus is reached with most eyepieces.
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Visual Adapter

Part   200399

Visual Adapter, 3.5" to 2" (for CDK17 and CDK20 only):
  This adapter slides into the 3.5" Hedrick Focuser that comes standard on the CDK17 and CDK20.  The adapter steps the 3.5" openning down to 2" for standard 2" accessories.  The adapter also adds some additional spacing to optimize the use of a 2" diagonal so focus is reached with most eyepieces.  View PDF drawing